WeAreLanguage International Internship Program


WeAreLanguage proposes an International Internship program in Italy in the field of Education

Why internship in Italy
In a global market, it is important to have many skills, knowledge and real life experiences to complete your training. An international internship is an excellent way to improve your professional skills explore the world and build up the experience you need or improve the ones you are looking for. An Italian international internship offers you the privilege of a unique point of view and the possibility to immerse yourself in the passion of the Italian historical genius.

The stepping stone from academics to working life
The interns will be able to use their skills in a real environment working closely with experienced teachers that graduated in the best Italian Educational Universities. Interns will be able to attend an 8- hour online course before departure, with tutors checking in with them about the experience every other week.

The trainees will work on:

· the activities in the Liberi di Educare (a group of 45 italian public schools) Nursery schools

· taking care of children aged 6 months to 6 years old

· during the school year the schools of the Liberi di Educare net offer bilingual educational programs to the children Italian/English. The trainees will therefore play a key role in ensuring the quality and success of these programs side by side with the teachers

Individual attention
Our Team in Italy is managed by highly qualified staff and it will be possible to meet the program manager before your departure. Our staff will welcome you and give you all the support you need. You will have the possibility and opportunity to take part in many experiences that will improve your professional skills.
The program will include some basic services to make your experience easier: insurance during the internship program, 24 hour support 7 days a week by our local staff, help in organising your journey and your free time.

The programs will take place in different Italian cities:

So that the students will also be able to enjoy the monumental historic Italian heritage

· Flexible hours 8.00 am to 6.00 pm
· Internship hours at least 20 hours per week
· Internship certificate with report, hours and skills achieved

What is required?
· To interact with children
· To provide an excellent welcome for parents and children
· To assist teachers in the preparation and execution of            educational projects and activities
· Mandatory DBS checks for safeguarding or similar

Previous experiences
· Supervising or tutoring children
· Teaching experiences

· Strong communication skills
· Team work
· English native speaking

12 Weeks

Over 18

Full program tuition
3.500,00 EUR

Do you want information about this program?

Please write to info@wearelanguage.com, send your presentation and CV


Info&Enrollment +39 3470159371

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